Looking to regain kitchen control? I have your answer! A combination of the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet could improve your overall health. Adopting the Mediterranean DASH diet doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the kitchen.

Sample Recipes

  • Breakfast: One cup of your favorite plain yogurt, a handful of nuts, a handful of fruit and eat with a spoon, or throw the ingredients into a blender for a smoothie.
  • Lunch: Put pre-cut veggies, dried beans, broth and some spices in a slow cooker overnight.
  • Dessert: Whip honey or maple syrup with ricotta cheese.

Stock up with these staples and you’ll be able to easily whip up a meal: frozen fruits and vegetables plus canned protein (beans, fish, chicken).

This kitchen equipment will make life easier in the kitchen: cookie/baking sheet, pot for soups or pastas, smaller saucepan, skillet.

Listen as I join Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss how you can take control in your kitchen and start implementing this diet.

Kitchen Control: The Mediterranean and DASH Diets

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