Isn’t it time we get the most out of food? A simple adjustment can give you the meals that guarantee nourishment so you can feel healthy, enjoy life more and even have enough energy & brain power to face each day. Do your meals do all of this?

If you’re the one preparing food products, it can get tricky. Food products must adhere to many regulations. You must think about taste, look and smell. But there’s a more important question you need to ask: Is the food nutritious? In today’s society, people—and the media—grow more concerned about the level of nutrition each dish provides. Can you provide what the market requires?

Here are some of the challenges we face today:

  • Can companies manage to make more nutritious food products?
  • Can consumers make wiser decisions about what they eat?
  • And when food plays a role in your company’s next activity, do you know how to pick the right kind of food?

With the proper skills and knowledge, you can triumph in any scenario. And that’s why partnering with Abbie makes sense.

Simply glance at her testimonials and you’ll realize the value she adds to people’s lives and companies’ outcomes. What can she help you with?

Menu Development & Meal Planning

How long do you take to decide on a meal or plan your food for the day or week? Do you realize how your decisions impact the entire occasion for a family or event? You can enjoy meals that are appropriate for the occasion as well as beneficial to the people attending the meal. Combine this with the necessary nutritious value, so your guests or family walk away rejuvenated. That’s what a meal is supposed to do. And with Abbie’s culinary nutrition services, you can get it right every time.

How do you perfect a menu and ensure the flavors complement each other?

Add to that the inclusion of nutritious ingredients that improve the value of the dishes & the entire menu. You want to make an impression or feed your family the healthy, delicious food they need, right? As a meal planner, Abbie takes into account the purpose of the project and picks dishes accordingly.

Can a menu really improve your project or your family? Thanks to Abbie’s experience as a consultant, she knows what approach to take for a corporate or branding event as well as an individual or family. And if you have a special dietary focus or need, her qualifications as a dietitian help her create tasty and nutritious menus.

Allow her to combine all these skills to benefit your next project.

Recipe Development & Nutrition Analysis

Do you need new recipes for your website, media, or marketing campaign? That’s when you call Abbie for recipe development.

What do you want your outcome to be? Your overall recipe and ingredients determine which market & consumer will prefer it. Abbie will design the dish from scratch, align it with your requirements, provide you with the nutritional analysis, and can even deliver images & videos for your marketing.

That’s an all in one service!

Why is it important to get this right? There are increased discussions and concerns about food, health, nutrition, and how we nourish ourselves in general. Do your products or recipes supply consumers and clients with the necessary nourishment they expect? They will if Abbie develops your recipes. Her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition gives her the expert knowledge needed to turn every dish into a nutritious meal while her culinary background ensures that it also tastes delicious.

Ready to take your recipes and products to a new level?

Product Development

What is your company’s reputation when it comes to food’s value and nutrition? Is it time to launch something new and you need an expert to design a product? With more consumers focusing on getting healthy, it’s no longer enough to be the quick solution. You must be the valuable option too. With expert product development you can transform your impact in the market. But who do you trust to help?

Abbie’s experience with food and nutrition as well as being a consultant in the hospitality/food & beverage field, gives her a unique combination of skills. Do you want to develop shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen products? Abbie has helped leading brands develop them all and ensures they follow nutritional criteria you—or consumers—require. Why battle at getting it right if Abbie can help you get it right the first time?

And take it one step further. Why not empower yourself? Abbie’s passion for healthy living fuels her desire to share her knowledge. Learn a few secrets from her through nutrition training to be more dynamic in your own niche. All you need is some guidance and Abbie will give it.

Food & Nutrition Labeling

Consumers scrutinize food labels more than ever before. They look for nutritional information and want to know the food they pick is safe to eat. Do your products live up to their expectations? Abbie can help you and will guide you through each step.

Do you want to pursue new product opportunities? What if you can fill a specific health or nutrition need consumers are looking for? Find new, exciting ways of providing these meals or products by consulting Abbie.

You can be the supplier of food options to people who have special dietary needs or suffer from allergies. Abbie’s experience as a chef, dietitian and consultant, combines all the knowledge you need to get this right.

And when you design the packaging, it’s not only about listing ingredients, right? You need to keep labeling legislation in mind. Thanks to Abbie’s extensive experience as a consultant, your labels will now inform and attract consumers with the right details.

Health & Wellness Strategy Development

Is your company’s productivity what it should be? Did you know your employees’ health determines this? Without the right fuel, employees don’t have energy or creativity to benefit your business. And it’s not only about the bottom line. As an employer, showing you care about your employees builds relationships so you can be a more effective team.

Wellness doesn’t happen overnight. You need a plan. You must be empowered to make healthy decisions today which will influence your life in the long term. Abbie’s knowledge about healthy living—which starts with the food you take in—enables her to do health and wellness strategy development. And it will be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

You need an objective role player to get this right. Abbie has the dietary background to help you look after employees’ health. Her years as consultant and working in corporate environments gave her insight. She knows what a business needs to reach corporate wellness and she’ll help you achieve it.

This can happen by following an exciting program your employees will love. Let’s determine your staff’s needs through individual and group consultations. You can use culinary team building and seminars to help your employees reach their full potential. Both you and your team will love the results.

Is it Time You Partner With Abbie and Focus on Nutrition?

The right expert can optimize your impact in your field. Who will you partner with? Abbie’s unique mix of expertise enables her to view your situation from both a corporate and a nutritional angle.

Who better to represent and help your brand than the one with the best reputation? Abbie has consulted with many brands to develop quality products. Her food helps people live healthier lives. She’s won awards and writes about all of this. Who else will you trust as spokesperson for your products? Her vibrancy means she’ll get others as excited about your products as she is.

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