Do you want to live healthier, but you’re not sure how? The tiniest adjustment in your lifestyle can make an impact on your health, energy levels and quality of life. But it’s not always easy, right? You may not have the knowledge yourself. Can you trust the information on food labels? Is that a clear guide to living a nutritious lifestyle? Unfortunately not.

But what if you can become a bit wiser? The necessary knowledge can place you in control of your health again. Whether it’s for you, your family or a group, Abbie has the answers. You’ll benefit from her years of experience and knowledge. And if you need encouragement to see it through, her passion will motivate you.

Perhaps you have the desire to help others live healthier. Does your brand need representation? Abbie’s zealous approach is the perfect endorsement.

Let’s spread knowledge and get educated. There is a more nutritious way of living. Abbie will show you how. This is what her culinary nutrition education services can do for you.

Conference Representation

How do you make an impact on people? You need their respect and you need to engage them. If you need this effect on an audience at a food, health or corporate conference, Abbie’s the person to make it happen

Her corporate background taught her exactly what the market wants. Thanks to her in depth knowledge about health, nutrition and diets, she can back her statements with the facts people will be looking for. Her popularity as chef, writer, spokesperson and dietitian is proof of this.

And while representing you, a brand or a cause, her zeal for food and nutrition will motivate others to be passionate about what’s important to you. How can Abbie help your cause today?

Cooking Demonstrations

Or perhaps you need the public—or other corporate entities—to see the value of your company. If it’s about nutrition, food products or cooking, Abbie’s the ideal person to demonstrate your products’ worth.

She’s skilled in working with crowds and has experience doing public demonstrations. Trust an expert to represent you for the best outcome. Abbie has all the skills you require.

Hands On Cooking Instructions

Of course, when it comes to cooking, it’s not only about knowing the theory. You want skills. Without the necessary cooking abilities it’s difficult to create healthy meals that look attractive and taste divine. That’s when you join Abbie for cooking lessons and demonstrations.

See the expert at work and then follow her lead. You’ll learn about the ‘how’ of techniques, but also the ‘why’. When you understand—instead of simply copying the example—you’ll find it easy to apply the techniques in your own recipes too. Soon you’ll be the expert. Let Abbie get you started.

Personalized Supermarket Tours

What determines the health of your home? It all starts with your trip to the supermarket. And with the range of brands and products available, it’s easy to pick the wrong items. Often you select the items represented by the best marketing. But an excellent ad doesn’t mean it’s the best product. How can you shop smarter?

Partner with an expert who knows how to dissect each label and get to the truth. As a labeling consultant herself, Abbie knows exactly what to look for. She’ll show you what to look for so your groceries align with what your body needs, instead of what you think you want.

What do you want? A healthy lifestyle, right? Abbie helps you get the foundation right. And don’t worry. The items she helps you pick will be as tasty as they are good for you.

Does Your Pantry Need a Makeover?

Your decisions determine your family’s future. Children need the right nutrients to develop physically and mentally. For each day’s routine, your family needs fuel to give them energy and mind power. And you’ll only be as dynamic as the nutrition you take in. Can you get this right?

Let’s be honest. When it’s time to cook you grab what’s available. And most of us stock easy solutions. Are the items in your pantry beneficial to your health? What if a few adjustments to what you keep in the cupboard can transform your meals?

To transition to this dynamic lifestyle takes knowledge and determination. You can get the necessary guidance from Abbie. Allow her experience as a dietitian to guide and motivate you.

When you have the right tools, a new challenge becomes easy. Will you allow Abbie to help your family?

Abbie uses her practical experience as chef and dietitian to help homes become more healthy. And that doesn’t mean boring. You can create scrumptious meals that are still nutritious. It’s easy: Remove what’s not beneficial and start stocking your home with better options.

Comprehensive nutrition assessment and treatment plan

How do you create the best future for yourself and your family? What you eat today impacts your quality of life. So let’s make sure you get the best possible nutrition.

Have you tried everything to feel healthier, but nothing works? What you eat determines what your body is capable of. This could be the source of your challenge. And all you need is some expert advice.

Perhaps you think you’re eating the right kind of meals. But next to healthy products, store shelves also contain low quality food items. Do you know which ones are best? Let Abbie show you which ones are most beneficial.

This is especially helpful if you’re already struggling with health problems. By simply changing to the right meal plan you can start treating your condition, because the right food will contain the nutrients your body needs to repair itself. Your meal plan can become your health plan.

What are your current health issues and needs? Let Abbie assess the nutritional value of your products and meals. Then let’s put a plan together to get the best long term outcome. This unique way of treating health problems could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Heard About the Anti-Juice Cleanse Program Yet?

Looking for the best—and quickest—way to boost your health? Forget the boring diets. Try something that really works, targets important aspects of your health and kick-starts a healthier lifestyle.

With Abbie Gellman’s Anti-Juice Cleanse Program you can still enjoy tasty food and even a trip to your favorite restaurant. All this program requires is that you cut out meat, wheat and sweets. Easy, right?

And it’s short. You’ll definitely manage the five day mini detox program. And while you’re on it, Abbie guides and motivates you, so you won’t feel you’re doing this on your own.

The comprehensive program teaches you throughout the process. When you’re done you’ll have knowledge about simple, seasonal dishes that are safe and cleansing. After this program you’ll feel amazing and you’ll have the knowledge to manage a new lifestyle so you can maintain that feeling. Isn’t that what a diet should provide?

Ready to Learn?

Eating right is a daily activity that can improve your quality of life instantly. But only if you get it right. Don’t put you and your family’s futures at risk. Abbie’s culinary nutrition education is the tool you need to ensure energy and health. Start living better today.

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