It seems like there are tons of nutrition recommendations out there, and many of them might contradict the other.

There are unlimited articles suggesting that fat is bad for you, dairy can cause inflammation, and that gluten is to be blamed for your bloating. However, there are other articles suggesting that you should be eating whatever you want, just in moderation.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there were just a list of simple rules that you should follow when it comes to your nutrition?

According to an article in the New York Times, here are some simple rules to follow for healthy eating:

– Get your nutrition from unprocessed foods.
– Eat lightly processed foods less often.
– Eat heavily processed foods even less often.
– Eat home-cooked meals as much as possible.
– Use salt and fats (butter and oil included) as needed in food preparation.
– When you’re eating out, try to eat at restaurants that follow these same rules.
– Drink water, some alcohol, coffee and other beverages.
– Treat all beverages with calories in them as you would with alcohol.
– Eat with other people as much as possible.

Listen in as I share the nine tips to healthy eating.

9 Simple Healthy Eating Tips

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